SOS-"Simple   Old   Solution" 

By Pansy Elizabeth Clayton

About the Author

Pansy Clayton, though she was born and raised in South Carolina, has a unique way of getting her point across about this disease, Diabetes Type 2, in that she comes from a long line of North Carolina Mountain women who inherited Diabetes from their mothers. These ancestors were born and raised near Turkey Foot, North Carolina. These were hard working, hard living women who fed their families good home cooked meals like yeast rolls, potatoes and gravy. They were also poor and had to "make do" with what they could scrounge up for meals to feed hungry men and children who worked in the fields all day, therefore their eating habits were not the best. Pansy was raised in Bamberg County in Ehrhardt, South Carolina, living next door to her South Carolina grandparents who cooked and ate the same way but added grits and red eye gravy and lots of Southern dishes to their menu. These people from the old South did not understand what Diabetes was all about and never knew how to control it. It controlled their lives. Pansy tells the story of how she grew up eating foods home made by some of the best cooks the South ever knew. These foods contribute highly to Diabetes Type 2. The point of this book for Pansy Clayton is to get the message out there that Diabetes is controllable if you are willing to use this method: Eat lots and lots of fresh vegetables and a little bit of healthy, lean meat without any sauces. The other thing is to eat fresh fruit but eat it alone. Do not eat anything with the fruit. It is enough by itself. Pansy describes in detail exactly what she eats and how the process works with your body to control this raging disease. The whole point of this book is to help you learn how to control Diabetes and not let it control you!